February 15, 2017

Jason's First Birthday

I just wanted to do a little throwback (even though it's not Thurs) to November and share Jason's 1st birthday. I apologize for the delay.

I am more of small-intimate-personal celebration but since Benjamin had a 1st birthday party, I thought it was only fair. Plus first birthdays are a pretty big deal in this family! So...for Jason's party we went with a lumberjack because he is a tough little man.  
I created the invitation first (of course) and we centered all the decorations around that. My friend Yenni, from The Pink Door Decor, help set up my vision AND she made the amazing cake with a little surprise on the inside.  It was delicious!  So onward with the millions of photos...

Yenni also made these cupcakes and the toppers! 

The surprise inside

Little favors

My dad :)
Ruben didn't get the memo in time! LOL

 We had a great time and Jason had a great time.
He didn't cry and was happy through out the whole party.
I can't believe how fast his first year went by! 

January 21, 2017

Almost there!

I'm back guys. I have been gone for a while, and this is because I am back in school. I am in my last semester now, and I am super excited that I will be finishing soon. It has not been easy, let me tell ya. The previous semester was very overwhelming! Now that I think back, I have no idea how I survived without losing my mind. God definitely kept me sane. 

I mean, apart from the usually late night essay writing and study sessions a student has, add the wife/mom responsibilities with church responsibilities AND then add sick baby. I mean at one point the whole family was sick. I'm pretty sure I was running on no sleep, and loads of coffee. It was tough. I just don't even want to think or talk about it. I am glad thats over and I passed all my classes, thank you Jesus!! 

This semester is suppose to be lighter. I mean, its only week 2, but so far, it seems to be okay. Plus I know this is the last, and I am almost there!  ALMOST THERE GUYS. YAY!  

I have so many things to share with you all!  Jason's first Bday, (he is walking now), Benjamin's first day of school, Holidays etc.  We need to catch up, but for now, just know that we are A-okay! 

 This was taken during a shopping trip with my sisters, a much needed break and time away from everything! 

November 8, 2016

To a cafe

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I had the privilege to teach a music/media conference.  I taught about media, and my husband taught about the expectations a pastor has for the music/media department. The other lessons were about worship and dealing with difficult people.  There was also different workshops set it in place for vocals and different instruments. It was wonderful, all the teachers did a great job!

Of course, for the day I had to find a babysitter for the boys and my sister was available.  So, away my boys went with tia Mary.  Since my chil'ren were taken care of, and because we had some extra time once the conference was done, we decided to go exploring. (It's become my favorite thing to do) We (My husband, me, my sister and her husband) went to a  cafĂ© called Mulberry.  It's actually the second time I have been there but the first time for Ruben. The cafe was Ruben approved! We got some lunch and coffee.  We talked and laugh, and it was GREAT!!

It's the perfect cafe to go and relax. I love the modern rustic-ness of it with the exposed brick wall and the simple art on the walls.  Tres picturesque and my kind of cafe!  Oh yes, and the coffee is good too.  So next time you're in Hamilton, make sure you swing by the Mulbery Cafe. 

 Skirt: Winners   
Sweater: Artizia   
Jacket: Forever21   
Scarf Artizia
Shoes: Aldo   
Bag: Indigo 
 photo credit goes to my sister

I have a new appreciation for these kinds of moments. 

November 1, 2016

A little about this, now, one year old

The day my baby Jay was born was exactly, one year ago. It's been ONE WHOLE YEAR.  I can’t even comprehend, Is this for real!? 

I don’t know if I am biased but Jason is just the cutest baby I have ever seen. Irresistibly cute. When I am my most tired, and trying to catch up on some z’s, I hear him get up.  With all my might, I desire for him to go back to sleep, but he doesn’t. He gets up, stands in his crib, and calls me and/or Ruben.  We avoid looking over because when we do, he sprouts the most precious smile you have ever seen, and we can’t help but walk over there and squish hug him!!  What can I say? He is very persuasive.

Well here is a little about this, now, one year old.

1.   He has a little 'tude.  It’s true! When this child gets angry, he gets angry.  He raises his little voice, and frowns his little face. It’s a very cute display of anger, I must admit.

2.   He loves to eat. He eats everything and anything.  It’s a piece of paper? Who cares! He will try and eat it. His pastime is crawling around looking for things to eat, so his mom (me), has to make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, is on the ground.  Yay for me.

3.   He loves his mom more.  Exceptions: When dad is home.

4.   You have never seen dance moves like his. He practices any time he gets a chance.  Anytime!  Even in public, and he doesn't care who is looking. 

5.   When the bathwater starts running, you better move out of his way. In a split second there is serious determination is this youngling, and he will take out whatever tries to stop him from bath time.

6.    Jason has serious persuasion powers.  Be careful.  I’m telling you that smile will get you doing anything his little heart desires. 

Well that's enough for now.
Happy Birthday to Jason! 

October 31, 2016

R&I Wedding

 A few months ago I had the honor of photographing my cousin, Raquel's, wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I am beyond happy for this lovely couple. I hope that God blesses their marriage. 
also to my friend, Odaly, who also photographed! yay! 

Also, I designed her invitations.  I was pretty happy with the turn out, and I believe she was too.  So that's always a good thing! 

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