January 30, 2018


My boy turned 6 years this month.  YES, SIX! like, remember THIS post?  Although it seems like yesterday, it was actually quite a while ago.  I can't even believe I have a six-year-old.

In honor of his 6th birthday, his aunts and I decided that we were going to share some Benjinisms on twitter.  If you are wondering what that is, let me tell ya. Unlike Bushisms, they are not errors in public speaking. Benjinisms are just things that Benji has said that are smart and/or cute.  Yes, I created this because, well, I can. Anyways, He is a pretty smart fella and also is a "mad cutie", as my husband would say.

Let's begin.

"We are a family and we are in love" - He still believes this to be true, and it is my favorite thing ever!

"I will have a duplicate of what he is having," said to a waitress, and she was quite impressed.

"Mom, when I went on your iPad, I did some research on jets, and I found a jet that is named Jason" -  Also, the other day he went on youtube and actually searched "Research on Crocodilians".

This coming from his tia (aunt) Mary: 
Me doing a crossword puzzle "umm, Cindy, what's another word for Intelligent?"
Cindy does not respond.
Benjamin: "Oh Tia, BRILLIANT, or SMART!"
Me: "Thanks, Benji, your mom is no help"

This is straight from his Tia Ruth:
Today is Benjamin's sixth birthday and we are going to share some of his brilliance, as well as his idea that because he loves you, certain questions are dumb:

Benji: "Tia, let's go get pizza."
Me: "Will you share your pizza with me?"
Benji: "Yeah! I love you!"

The last one is from his tia Ray: (he has lots of tias)
Tia: "You are my family"
Benji: "yes, and family is everything"

How did we get so blessed with a smart and loving son!
You can find more #Benjinisms on twitter.  I will be posting.

Also, I will continue speaking about my move in the next post. If you have any questions about my move, ministry or anything, you can leave a comment or message me. I will be doing a Q&A. So, stay tuned for all the good stuff!


Ruth Alvarez said...

Awe! He is a mad cutie! Love it!

Sarah Segovia said...

Awe benji ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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