May 30, 2018

I can no longer hide it

This is a very true story.

Yesterday I was asked if I would be attending YOUTH camp. Although I am very flattered that someone would consider my attendance, I am quite certain I am above the age limit.  

Is granny allowed in?

“Just don’t tell them your age,” they said.  Ha! 

First, I will not lie… but for the purposes of this blog post, let’s say I did.  I have been told many times I look younger than I am. In fact, when I tell people my age they are shocked. (sometimes they oversell, but tbh I kind of like it) So perhaps, I would get away with not declaring my real age.

AND Let’s just say that I did that and got away with it.  Need we be reminded that I also have children!  Really cute children too. 

“Don’t tell them you have kids?” they said.  

I guess.  I mean people already think I am younger than I actually am. So I guess they could believe that.  but ... only if I did not have a real conversation with anyone.  BECAUSE once anyone had a real conversation with me they would totally know I was a mother. I CAN NO LONGER HIDE IT. Not that I want to. But IF I did, I definitely could not.  It is written on my face.  You can see it in my facial expressions. You can hear it my tone of voice. You can tell, just by how I look around.  Matter of fact, the other day Pastor called me the “mother of the youth”.   And to be honest, I didn't mind the title... I can be, but only if I'm allowed to discipline those hooligans. hehe.

So here are things I have done that are a prime example of my motherhood-ness:
  • Fill my Instagram with pictures of my boys. (This is major) 
  • Cry... when I have seen an older mother with older boys because that will be me in the future.   
  • Touch my heart when I hear a teenager/young-adult talk about struggles.  That may be my child one day.  (Does anyone else do this?)
  • The "mom-look"... at anyone who I feel proud of.
  • The death stare. 

AND some things I have said to people who are not my children: 
  • “Let her smack herself in the face.  That’s the only way she will learn!”  speaking figuratively, of course.
  • “Don’t even think about it...” with the pointing finger of course.
  • “Please and thank you!”  to someone who obviously forgot their manners at home.
  • “When I was younger…”  or “In my time…”  I feel like I do this a lot, and also I might be feeling older than I actually am.
  • “Please don’t do that…”  “Please don’t touch that...”   all said with that mom tone.  I can’t control it.
  • “You don’t need it, you want it!”  Not that it’s any of my business. I’m aware of that, that’s why it’s followed with… “get it!” Lol.
  • “These kids are crazy.”
  • "You're too young to date.  Do you have a job? a car?" 
  • “Hey!” followed by the death stare.

That's all I can think of right now.  I'm sure there is more.   

"You can be a Den Mother," They said.  I want to be a camper... Therefore, I will not be going to youth camp.  


What are some things that you say that are motherly?  
Or maybe things your mom says to you? 


Sarah Segovia said...

Haha!! I have said a few things you mentioned.
Also “because I said so” LOL. “Go brush your teeth”.

Unknown said...

I am not motherly. Bossy - yes! Motherly not so much.

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