August 28, 2015

Let's Pretend, or not.


This week, I turned 30 weeks pregnant.  30!! where has the time gone?  How do I feel? Well...
Let's pretend I feel as put together as I look in these photographs.
Let's pretend I'm totally ready for Jason to arrive.
Let's not pretend that I was freaking out this week, and my sister in law had to give me a pep talk.
Let's not pretend I completely forgot what I need to pack in my hospital bag. 
Let's  pretend I am mentally prepared to go through the process of giving birth again.

Or... let's not, I mean, can you ever REALLY be prepared for a new baby? 
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Sunglasses: Forever21,   Dress: sister,    Shoes: Aldo,   Handbag: H&M

Thanks for my sister Jaz for the photos, and also the Babyshower & Nursery Photo's coming soon. 


Ruth Alvarez said...

Love the outfit. You look purdy.

Also.. I'll be there anytime you need a pep talk.

RaquelA Guerrero said...

I absolutely love your style! Like all the time.. You look beautiful!

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