August 4, 2015

On the Perfect Day...

I wake up feeling great with energy. 
I know what I want for breakfast, and I find all the ingredients in my fridge. 
Benjamin eat's all his breakfast. 
I am cool and refreshed all day long. 
Laundry was done yesterday. 
My hair is not a frizz ball. 
Benjamin is happy all day long. 
My house is still clean from yesterday. 
I find something cute and comfortable to wear. 
There is absolutely no need to try and bend over for any reason at all.
I take a nap. 
Grocery shopping was done yesterday. 
Dinner is delivered to the door. 
I go to church. 
My husband offers to give me a foot massage.
My child requests bath time and bed time.
I knock out when my head hits the pillow.

Baby Jay doesn't decide practice karate in my belly at three in the morning. 

So... One day?
What would your perfect day be like?
          Top: Winners, Skirt: Old Navy Maternity, Shoes: Old from F21, Bag: Indigo Chapters. (cool eh? I know) 

Thank you Eunice for these photos.

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NC Sue said...

Great post!
Thanks for linking up at

Ruth Alvarez said...

I would sleep in. Eat all my favourite food.

RAY ❤️ said...

Haha AWESOME READ!! Love the photos and the outfit! You look beautiful and I have the same skirt :P lol

Carlyn Bullock said...

LOL - loved reading your post - took me back, amazing how profound pregnancy is, my boys are 22 and 18 but it seems like I was pregnant yesterday. My perfect day? No high heels! Barefeet and sand :-)

From Carlyn, offthesidewalk in Suuth Tampa Florida. with a smile, :-)

Pierced Wonderings said...

So beautiful! Pregnant women are so gorgeous and you are lovely in that outfit.

As for a perfect day - I've written about it several times but it involves lots of time to write and read and take photos.

Thank you for joining Photo Friday again this week!

Kim Cunningham said...

Everyone would clean up after themselves all day long. Pipe dreams. :). You look adorable!

RaquelA Guerrero said...

I want photo shoots like this! Loving the outfit and you look very pretty!

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