September 1, 2015

5 Years & 5 Facts

Today is just not any other day for us. It's September the first.  It's the day that 5 years ago, we became one. It marked the beginning of our life together. The greatest change that altered our lives. It would be the beginning of many different kind of days.  Days of laughter, of tears, of peace, of frustration, of happiness and of struggle.  Each day bringing us closer together and cultivating our love.  We are 5 years today, and we love more than we did in the beginning, and we owe it all to God.  He is the only one who pairs to different souls into one perfect soul, completed for His honor and glory.  Happy 5 Babe! You are the best husband anyone could ever ask for! 


In honor of our anniversary here are 5 randoms facts about Us.  
  1. Ruben and I both lived in the states for a while.  He lived in Lousiana for 5 years and I lived in North Carolina for 10 years.  Similarly these are both in the South. We both returned to Canada before meeting each other. Even more similar, we have discovered that we attended the same church conferences and never ran into each other.
  2. When we finally started dating we were 100% we were in God's will and after 7 month's (yes 7 months) we got married.  It's actually a nice testimony, but we will leave that for another time.
  3. We are both middle children.  I have an older brother & sister and two younger sisters, and Ruben has an older brother and younger sisters.  Basically... we relate! lol.
  4. Ruben and I made a deal when we started "talking", and it was that I would ask him out. So basically I asked him out.  The best thing, though, was when he said to me "When are you going to ask me out?.... well whenever you do, the answer is yes".  The second part of the deal though was that he would ask me to marry him, which he obviously did.
  5. I am older than my husband. Basically two months older. I am from November and He is from January, so we were born in different years.  Still only two months older, NOT A YEAR, as Ruben would like to claim, when it is convenient. 


Sarah Segovia said...

congrats guys!!!! so cutee!!

Ruth Alvarez said...

I don't know what other younger sister your talking about.. Last I checked I was the only one. Haha

Congratulations. I'm glad he found someone I liked. LOL

NC Sue said...

5 years! Congratulations!
These photos shot a very happy couple. I hope your happiness continues through a long and lovely marriage.
Thanks for linking up at

Sherrie said...

Congrats. Have a great day!

Kim Cunningham said...

Happy Anniversary and may God continue to bless!

RaquelA Guerrero said...

Congratulations! Time flies! and you guys are growing.. your family is growing! May the Lord bless you and your precious family abundantly at all times!! I love you guys!

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