March 7, 2016

To Four!

My kids are both 4 and It’s probably the only time that will ever happen.  One is 4 years and the other is 4 months.  Jason turned 4 months and I am loving this stage of his life.  He is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen, and yes I am biased.  I can be. He is mine.

He’s so happy and smiley.  
It's SOOOO Adorbs. 

I love it when Jason wakes in the morning or after nap.  I hear him calling out to be rescued from the crib.  When I go over to him; his little eyes are closed and are struggling to open. After he finally gets his eyes open he sees me, and just gives me the most wonderful and gentle smile.  It’s my favorite part of the day.  (I posted a clip of it on Instagram)

At 4 months he:
-Does not need a haircut. (unlike Benji)
-Holds his head up,
-Reaches for things,
-Sits unassisted for like a minute
-Holds his bottle for like 2 seconds
-Rolls over with some arm assistance
-Screams in the middle of service, making everyone turn to look at me.
-Pulls the baby hairs on the back of neck.
-Tries to eat my face
-Smiles, laughs and plays with everyone.
-Is the cutest wittle babay! 

 Experts say (The expert being my dad. A title well deserved after having 4 beautiful girls *ahem) that at 4 months they begin to say mama or dada. ‘Til this day I haven’t heard a “mama” or “dada”.  So the big question is… What will he say first? The suspense.  I am constantly trying to get him to say at least “ma” but nothing.  Benji said Mama first, and only one time.  After that one and only time it was “dada.. dada.. dada.." blah blah yeah yeah.  I wholeheartedly refuse to believe this will be the case again.   It simply cannot be!  

What do you think he will say first?  
#TeamMama !!


Ruth Alvarez said...

Lol. He's so cute! Just SO cute!


RAY ❤️ said...

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! Jason is ADORABLE, BENJI IS Handsome!! Beautiful boys you got! Loved reading this!! Can't wait to see you guys!! ❤️

NC Sue said...

Adorable shots of adorable children.
Thanks for sharing at

jaz qui said...

He's so ADORABLE!! I can't handle it. #teammama

Kim Cunningham said...

Your baby has gotten so big already! Such cuties!

Raquel Guerrero said...

OMGGGG these photos are priceless!! And I can't believe Jason is growing so quickly!! You have the cutest babies! Love you guys <3

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