February 25, 2016

Things Benji Says

My Ben turned 4 about a month ago. FOUR!  When his birthday rolled around I was cheerful and motivated.  Then arrived the day I had to register him for school and basically it all went downhill from there. Now, I find myself just staring at him, and remembering when he was tiny and I had to do everything for him.  How I had to feed him, change him, bathe him, and soothe him, and how I would hold him until he withered off to sleep. He pretty much doesn’t need my help for that anymore.  Oh how they grow!  *tears*

In those moments of thought, I find myself wondering how an older Benjamin will be, because as a child he is full of life. The most entertaining person I know.  He’s a child comedian, a loving person, and a complete mama’s boy. (yay to me. He will love me forever)  I'm pretty sure you are wondering what makes me think all these things about him.. and well let's just take a little peek into this mind of his...


Eww mom, something smells terrible, it’s disgusting” as we enter the elevator and someone is in there. Nice Benji.

Mom, she is so rude.” About an ungrateful lady Benjamin held the door for. Don’t ever forget your manners around this child. He also likes to tell me that Eunice, his Sunday school teacher, says not to be rude. 

Hello, what would you like to order?” In a perfect British accent! *High-five*

Mom, if I don’t have a cookie, I’m going to DIE!”  Cookie Monster.

Please, Call me your highness”  Relaaaaaaxx!  

 “We are a family of Superheroes.  I am The Flash, Dad is Superman, Jason is Green Lantern, and you are wonder woman” Extensive knowledge of superheroes. I don't want to be wonder woman, geez!

 “MOM! You look like a princess” as he looks at my wedding picture “You are a princess and dad is your knight.

Mom today I want to pray for the Rescue Bots… They need help to save Griffin Rock” Just a cartoon Benji.

Jesus, Give my dad lots of money so he can buy me so many toys” I wish that was my only worry too.

Mom, the Bible says don’t make your son angry” this is true.
Mom, the Bible says be nice to your husband” This is also true
Mom, the bible says give your son a snacks” I have yet to read this.

We are in love. You and dad and me and Jason. We are a family, and we are in love. Jesus loves families in love” My heart is warm.

 AND There’s more where that came from.

I love Benjamin.  He makes me laugh, cry, angry, and sad. Basically emotional. Oh and let’s face it, only someone who you truly love can make you feel all these emotions. I look forward to seeing what else his little mind comes up with. So onwards to 4!!! 

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Ruth Alvarez said...

Noooo! I don't want him to grow up!

jaz qui said...

Awh! I love this! What a smart kid. He's my favorite.

NC Sue said...

He's a little doll!
Thanks for sharing at

June Caedmon said...

What a sweet little blessing of all boy you have there, Cindy! Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing him :)

Sherrie said...

He's adorable. My baby is 46 and yes I can still remember him when he was a little guy. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

carolina rico said...

fanstic picture and beautiful boy!!!
My youngest just turned 3... am having fun with the things she says too!

Raquel Guerrero said...

I love Benji! Seriously... He is too brilliant for his age and the things he says are just too cute! Tia Ray loves you Benji!

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