February 2, 2016

Coffee Date Updates


A while ago I was following a soon-to-be-mother-of-two blogger and I remember that after she had her second child, she kind of disappeared off the earth for a good while.  I kept returning to her blog in hopes of a new post, and there was nothing. Now, I can admit, I understand why. For some reason I thought my second child would be just like my first, but as they say “Every child is different”, and while I knew that to be true in my pregnancy, for some reason I thought that wouldn’t be the case with me. (As if I were exempt from all humanly things) I have had the hardest time settling into a routine.  With Benjamin I felt as though we had everything had fallen into place by now and I was blogging on the reg. But then again it was so long ago, and my memory could be a little fogged. I do, however, feel like we have made some sort of progress. Slowly but surely, I guess. Is there anyone out there who can relate to this? Some advice and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Now onwards with the "Us" updates. 
If we were on a coffee date you would be updated on the following... 

Of course this would be the primary little person you would ask about because he is new and all.

He was dedicated on the last Sunday of 2015, and he just turned 3 months yesterday.  I honestly think he is just the most adorable baby ever.  He is smiling, holding his head up now, and sleeping a good solid 6 hours now. of course I would too, but I have another child(ren).  Jason is also quite sensitive. When I rescue him from the giant evil boogers, he cries very much and quite loudly. After consolation he refuses to make eye contact with me, as if I have committed a great sin against him. I do not know what to make of this.

You would ask about him next, but he is super handsome and smart.

Benji turned 4 on Jan 17th.  I can't believe how fast this child is growing.  Such a bittersweet feeling. Benji has proven to be the greatest older brother I ever imagined. He loves Jason beyond measure.  These two kids have a special connection.  Sometimes Benji is the only one who can make baby smile, especially during the consolation stage of boogy-rescue.  Benjamin is also quite a character, but I will save those stories for another episode of “Benji Stories”. 

You would ask about him because he is the man in my life, my hubby.

Ruben is good. He had a bday recently.  He turned 29! 
He is a great father and husband. He’s a trooper! Most days he goes to work and comes home to play with the kiddos and spend some time with his beautiful wife (me), or Study, or give a bible study. Sometimes he just comes home to change and goes straight to church. He wakes up early to pray.  He’s the household provider. I dk how he does it but he always finds time to be a husband, father and pastor.  He deserves an A + +.  

You would ask about this because you know this is a HUGE part of our life.

Church is good. God is doing great things.  Our theme of the year is LOVE.  This includes love for God, love of God, love for one another, love for the souls, love and sacrifice, and love and all of its components.  We are also a bilingual church, so we are working on only singing songs that are in Spanish and English and translating all of our sermons. That’s just a couple of things worth mentioning, but there is a lot happening at Tri-City Pentecostal Church. Lots of good things, Praise God!

Lastly you would ask about 

I am great. Life with two boys has been quite interesting, but I have enjoyed the challenge of it. I am 10lbs away from pre-Jason weight, and hey that’s not bad at all. However, I am still waiting for all my clothes to fit me again. It’s hard to get dressed for church. Geez.  

My main goal every year is to get closer to God. Closer and Closer!  I started a new Bible reading plan for this year, and according my app I am 11% done. Also, Jason is my alarm clock for prayer when I wake up in the morning to feed him, and I also take that time to pray. In the last few weeks I have heard some amazing preaching’s that have spoken to my soul, and I know that God is watching over us.

I have also started a new business endeavor that I will tell you about in the near future.  

OH, Of course you would ask me about one of my greatest passions.
Yesterday I ran out of coffee, and it was a really wretched day… but today we are back on track!

What's new with you? 

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NC Sue said...

Congratulations on a lovely family.
Thank you for sharing at

Maria said...

Ah, love this! :-) Glad all is well!

Veronica Boudreaux said...

Aww Jason is so cute! I'm glad you are doing well! I have a 2.5 year old boy and a 7 month old Baby girl. They are so differnt and I am so glad because I feel like I have some balance. Adjust was a lil hard at the beginning bit not as bad as I thought. It will get easier. Take care of yourself!

Lr Jamison said...

Your family is so adorable! I love your pics and I loved the coffee pic as well. Great angle. Found you at Photo Friday. ~Lowanda visiting from Sunshine and Elephants.

Kim said...

Just give yourself time to focus on what's important. The routine will come. Love this look at life!

Pierced Wonderings said...

What a clever way to update us on all the things going on with you! I love it! (which reminds me...gotta grind my coffee for in the morning) Your men are adorable! I hope that you and Jason find your groove soon ;)

Thanks for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

Miss Rachel M. said...

So good to read that all is well!

Your boys are handsome!!

Heidi Quintanilla said...

they are so adorable like there aunt! lol

Raquel Guerrero said...

Loved reading this and of course.. I love the photos!

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