September 10, 2015

Basically everything about my shower was amazing

I wanted to share my baby shower because, personally, I think it was amazing. My friend Yenni from the Pink Door Decor is the one responsible for all this amazing-ness. She really thought of everything from the Macaroons to the photo booth.  I'm very happy with everything she did, and she beyond anything I was expecting.

Alright let me tell you about the shower..
I know that most people believe in baby showers being a surprise, but I don't like surprises.  So I convinced Yenni to let me design the invitations, and she was fine with that.  So below is the invitation I made. Isn't it lovely? It's such a minor thing though, when you see all of the other decorations.
I looove Macaroons.  Steph, Yenni's sister, made this macaroons and they were AMAZING!
Doesn't this look delicious? It was. It really was.
blogbrownie bites close u p
blogcake pops2
On the left is the prizes for the ladies who won the games.  Genius!
blogstarbucks station
Starbucks Station??  Genius times TWO! blogwater bottles
I'm a sucker for details. <3
blogface towel
There was a spa table at my baby shower, and we got to do our own facials.  Yenni handmade face scrubs and sprays, and our skin felt like baby skin after.
blogbelly big
I can't remember who won, but thank you to all the ladies who measured me small than I was.
blogHe's coming
Chalkboard walls is amazing!
Baby Jason got lots of presents.  He sure will be happy with all the clothes he got, or not. I may be the only one who gets happy with clothes! haha.
My Cousin & sister.
blogyenni & Cindy
The photo booth was really fun.  Aren't they always?

It was a good day.
Thanks Yenni for everything!

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Sarah Segovia said...

dude...everything looked amazing!! so sad i missed it :(

Ruth Alvarez said...

It was really fun. Can't wait to meet him!

RaquelA Guerrero said...

Everything about your shower was amazing! I loved it!

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