January 15, 2012

Pre-baby pics

Oh, Sunday. 

My Sisters and mom came over to spend time with me, take care of me, cook for me.. etc etc.  What sweethearts :).  Well My sister Mary, very talented in photography took some..maternity pictures.  I know I had taken some before, but I just wanted some where you saw the hugest size of my belly. I also wanted to take some pictures with hubby.  He doesn't like taking pictures.. but he was forced to. lol.  So,  Now we can actually Show Benji what were doing the day before he was born. LOL.  Just spending time with my Family, and taking pictures. :) 

Anyways.. here are some of the pictures. It was really hard to select a few from all the great pictures.. but I"m sure you will see more on her blog.. which right now is under construction.. but coming soon!!

These are great! My faves.
Reading "The Baby Bump" book. 
Hubs & I.  Finally a good picture
Family Picture :)
Pure silliness!

So.. you ready to find out.. what was in the bag?? 
Your going to have to wait a bit longer.. lol


reflectingtheglory said...

ahhh u look so cute!! love the pics.
and show us already sheesh!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Oouu can't wait to find out what the surprise is?

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