January 12, 2012

To Wake Up Early.

Benji update: still not here. I've just decided to be patient. Benji will come when he's ready. There's no need to get anxious. Just want him to be healthy.

Today we woke up extremely early... Like 3 am.
It might be because we went to sleep early yesterday.
This is caused by lack of sleep in previous days.

3am. You realize you are wide awake, and can no longer sleep.
3:15 You decide to get up, and go about your routine (Shower, brush your teeth..etc.)
3:15 Your dogs wonder what's going on.
3:45. You have your time with God. I mean if you are wide awake at 3...then it's for a reason. Prayer time.
4:45 Get and fold Laundry.
5:00 you realize your starving and decide on breakfast at McDonalds. So you get ready.
5:15 it's raining out.
5:30 You are at McD's. Order, Eat & Chill.
6:00 Go home.
6:10. Movie time. (Can you believe hubby's never seen rush hour?)
7:30 check your socials (blogs, Email, Facebook, twitter, tumblr...etc)
8:00 write in "mommy to be" Journal. (a gift from my sister in law & mother in law)
8:30 do your chores.
9:30 um...Wat do we do....
9:35 fall Asleep.

Basically.. it's better to not wake up that early. lol. On the plus side.. you do so much more. :)


Jenny said...

Thats really early.Lol.
Good to know though

Anonymous said...

3am? really? wow.. I could never do that.

jazmin quintanilla said...

wow... now thats your pics.

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