January 21, 2017

Almost there!

I'm back guys. I have been gone for a while, and this is because I am back in school. I am in my last semester now, and I am super excited that I will be finishing soon. It has not been easy, let me tell ya. The previous semester was very overwhelming! Now that I think back, I have no idea how I survived without losing my mind. God definitely kept me sane. 

I mean, apart from the usually late night essay writing and study sessions a student has, add the wife/mom responsibilities with church responsibilities AND then add sick baby. I mean at one point the whole family was sick. I'm pretty sure I was running on no sleep, and loads of coffee. It was tough. I just don't even want to think or talk about it. I am glad thats over and I passed all my classes, thank you Jesus!! 

This semester is suppose to be lighter. I mean, its only week 2, but so far, it seems to be okay. Plus I know this is the last, and I am almost there!  ALMOST THERE GUYS. YAY!  

I have so many things to share with you all!  Jason's first Bday, (he is walking now), Benjamin's first day of school, Holidays etc.  We need to catch up, but for now, just know that we are A-okay! 

 This was taken during a shopping trip with my sisters, a much needed break and time away from everything! 


Anonymous said...

Awe! Loved it & I missed your blogs very much!

Ruth Alvarez said...

Awe! I'm glad everything went well. And that you blogged again! Woohoo!

Maria E said...

Cindy, you're an inspiration!

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