November 1, 2016

A little about this, now, one year old

The day my baby Jay was born was exactly, one year ago. It's been ONE WHOLE YEAR.  I can’t even comprehend, Is this for real!? 

I don’t know if I am biased but Jason is just the cutest baby I have ever seen. Irresistibly cute. When I am my most tired, and trying to catch up on some z’s, I hear him get up.  With all my might, I desire for him to go back to sleep, but he doesn’t. He gets up, stands in his crib, and calls me and/or Ruben.  We avoid looking over because when we do, he sprouts the most precious smile you have ever seen, and we can’t help but walk over there and squish hug him!!  What can I say? He is very persuasive.

Well here is a little about this, now, one year old.

1.   He has a little 'tude.  It’s true! When this child gets angry, he gets angry.  He raises his little voice, and frowns his little face. It’s a very cute display of anger, I must admit.

2.   He loves to eat. He eats everything and anything.  It’s a piece of paper? Who cares! He will try and eat it. His pastime is crawling around looking for things to eat, so his mom (me), has to make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, is on the ground.  Yay for me.

3.   He loves his mom more.  Exceptions: When dad is home.

4.   You have never seen dance moves like his. He practices any time he gets a chance.  Anytime!  Even in public, and he doesn't care who is looking. 

5.   When the bathwater starts running, you better move out of his way. In a split second there is serious determination is this youngling, and he will take out whatever tries to stop him from bath time.

6.    Jason has serious persuasion powers.  Be careful.  I’m telling you that smile will get you doing anything his little heart desires. 

Well that's enough for now.
Happy Birthday to Jason! 


VEOphotoz said...

I absolutely love this! !!. This is so cute. Love it... Jason so adorable!!!

Raquel Guerrero said...

Loved reading this Cindy! So so cute!!! I kept saying "aww" and ish was like what are you "awwing" HAPPY 1st bday to Jason! He indeed has the most captivating smile! Love you all <3

Sarah Segovia said...

Yay!!!! Go Jason! Such a cutie

Ruth Alvarez said...

I cannot get enough of that picture. Makes my heart melt!

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