July 5, 2015

Right before the move

Dress: Forever21,   Top: H&M,   Shoes: Aldo,  Bag: Danier   Sunglasses: Forever21

We moved. We need more space now that we will be a family of four. Before the dreaded process, however, I took my little man out for a celebration. "Mom, i would like a coffee, and a cookie, please" he requested. It's not coffee, it's hot chocolate. He calls it coffee because it looks like the one mama drinks. I said to him "go sit down and I will bring it to you", he did so very obediently, and chose a small round table for two.

So there we were just him and me chit chatting. He was telling about all his friends, and why they were his friends, and very few selected best friends, besides his mom and dad, of course. He then pointed out the bird across the street, and explained to me how it was trying to find something to eat. If you know my son, you know that he is a chatterbox.

After he was done chatting, He looked at me and said "mom, we should go", and while he packed his cookie he stated "This is for my brother."

I'm not really sure when this growing up happened, but it makes me a little bit more confident that Benjamin is going to be an excellent brother, and the quite the photographer, as he took all the photographs of me. (with a little instruction, of course)

Photographs taken with the Smart Phone LG G3
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NC Sue said...

Nice shots!
thanks for sharing at

Molly said...

He did a great job with the photographs!


Pierced Wonderings said...

Awwwww - such a sweet little man! Congratulations on the move! We just finished ours and now it feels like I can breathe. There's still a ton to do, but I can enjoy it now rather than stress out about it.

Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week! I appreciate the support!

Kim Cunningham said...

That's so cute. He sounds like he will be an excellent big brother. I have a chatter box named Jasper whom we call Jabber Jaws or Jabber for short. He can make your ears bleed from talking so much! :)

Ruth Alvarez said...

Awe. He certainly is the cutest chatter box I know!

RAY (RAQUEL) said...

So chic! How do you manage to always look cute and stylish even when prego?! ��❤️

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