February 10, 2015

Weekend in Ottawa

Hello there. 
A few weeks back we took a little weekend road trip to Ottawa. My husband was invited to preach, and naturally Benji and I tagged along. The ride there was long, seemed like the longest ever.  Nonetheless, It turned out to be such memorable experience. 

One of the first the best things we have ever done was try beavertales. Basically, for those who don't know, it is like a funnel cake but shaped like a beavers tale, and much better. You can get it with cinnamon or with chocolate on top.  It's just so amazingly tasty that we went back for more the next day.

Another thing we ate on this trip was authentic home-made Italian pizza. The pastor that invited us is Italian, and he makes the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life. No lie. Just remembering it makes my mouth watering.  Mmm... 

 After the service where Ruben preached, the pastor and his wife surprised Benjamin with a birthday cake. It was really sweet, considering this year we couldn't really do anything big for him.  He was so excited and happy. Cutest thing ever.  I'm so grateful for them having done that.  

The last place we went to eat at (yes we ate so much on this trip...) was a little burger joint called BFF (Burgers n' Fries Forever). We met my friend Brenda and she took us to BFF. SOOOO GOOD. Gosh everything we had in Ottawa was so good. If you are ever in Ottawa definetIy try that place.  love that city!! 

The city of Ottawa is so nice. I love everything there. The clever names on shops, the interesting buildings, the scenery...everything!! 

My favourite thing that we did there, and the most memorable was skating on the Canal.

I had actually never gone skating, ever.  So this was, in fact, my first time skating, and I didn't fall!! Yay me. I loved it though. I secretly want to be a professions figure skater now. 

Skating was fun. Skating on the canal, however, was AMAZING!!  I'm dreaming of going again and "gracefully" gliding on the ice... *sigh* 

Benjamin's experience was slightly different. He had a hard time standing on the ice. He finally managed to stand and glide a little.  After the glide he felt he had accomplished greatness, and was done for the day. 

Thanks Brenda for taking us to the canal, for eating more beavertales with us, and for that amazing Flat White from second cup.  I was in heaven! 

In all honesty I left a part of my heart in Ottawa. I'm not entirely sure why but I feel so sad whenever I leave. I'm sure the whole city feels the same way about us leaving. Don't worry Ottawa we shall return soon!! 

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Raquel Guerrero said...

Looks like so much fun! Great photos!

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