February 26, 2015

Taking Stock II

Making : Typing noises
Cooking : Tacos for dinner
Drinking :  Coffee, of course
Looking :  pretty thoughtful at the moment.
Wishing :  I didn't have to go out in the cold, and was at home in my pajamas. 
Enjoying : The stage Benjamin is in right now.  He makes me laugh!
Waiting : for 3:30 so I can go pick up my baby. 
Liking :  silence
Wondering : When it will be sandal weather. I'm tired of wearing tights everyday. 
Loving : All things minimal.
Hoping : My son will see me as a great role model. 
Needing :  To check my SimCity.
Smelling : a white bun toasted with butter
Wearing : elbow patches
Following : My Fave photographer on Instagram
Noticing : Benjamin is not my little baby anymore. 

Knowing : All my hard work will be worth it in the end. 
Thinking : Always thinking. 
Feeling : A little tired. 
listening:  To some students talking about googling their names. 
Bookmarking :  nothing.
Opening : emails... why do I get so much spam?
Giggling : To jokes that I remember through out the day. 
Feeling :  Good!

My First One 


Anonymous said...

This was a fun read remin me to do this one day :) for the blog i still need to start hahah (/).(\) >_> <_<

Ray said...

Lool. I want to try this! lool msg me to give me deatails? lol

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Ruth Alvarez said...

I should do this one day.

Celinaaa said...

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Celina Xx

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