October 20, 2014

The Land of "Magic"

There is this place in Hamilton that we call Concession.  (It does have a name, but we don't know it) Despite this places being a beautiful garden, it is also on the mountain that overlooks the city.  The view from this park, day or night, is just breathtaking.

"Concession" is the perfect place for a romantic stroll, especially when you have the amazing view tat overlooks the city.  My husband and I went there when we were dating, and so did my sister and her husband. Those of you from Canada know that Hamilton is not the most beautiful place in Ontario but when you are in love, It's magnificent. If you don't believe just ask my husband who would travel weekly from London to see me. In his eyes Hamilton had become wonderful, especially after visiting this park.

In our minds, this place promises you a lifetime of happiness, and wonderful memories. That is why we call it the land of Magic! So make sure you stop by "Concession" with your loved one next time you are in Hamilton, ON ...

or just go there with your family on thanksgiving day!
Any excuse is valid. :)

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Next Post will be on Friday: Tips for a Wife-Mother-Student. So make sure to come back soon! 


VEOphotoz said...

I lovvvvve it ♡ beautiful :)!

jaz said...

Awh had an amazing time. Love you guys. Picture look great! ♡

Ruth Alvarez said...

I've been there... and there was no magic! :(
Kidding.. it was nice.

Ray said...

Good times. I love you all! Awesome ¨Pics !

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