June 5, 2012

It was wonderful.

This past Saturday we had a ladies brunch that I hosted. It was wonderful. I had a great time. We ate, chatted, gave our testimonies, and in the end the younger ladies played ping-pongs while the older ladies chatted. The was much laughter coming from the ping-pong area. I'm so grateful for all these lovely ladies.

Without further Yay! (is that  how you say it?)

Personal Testimony:
Recently I had been feeling a bit blue.  I was feeling like I wasn't giving anything to the ministry. Mainly because I was on mommy duty.  I always said I wanted to be an active ministers wife. It was upsetting me.. that i was just kind of the sidelines.. so I prayed about it, and then gave me the idea to do a ladies breakfast.. and I did.  And guess what? We had a visitor who requested a Bible study, and even went to service that night.  It's amazing how God works.


Sarah Segovia said...

awesome job! i heard good things about it :)
so proud of you guys, wish i coulda gone. :(

p.s. love the pics...the mason jars...the centerpieces..AWESOME

The Modesty Walk said...

I love that testimony! Awesome! I totally understand you, sometimes mommy duty can take you away from things you want to do for God, but it is possible, we just have to figure out ways to work around it all. Can I recommend a book that has blessed me and is super encouraging and inspiring in this aspect? It also has great ideas! It’s called “The Busy Women’s Guide to Soul Winning”. I have an excerpt of the book, I’ll send you it through FB.

Ray said...

Yeah, thanks for inviting me! you guys look like your having so much fun. the pictures are nice! :)

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