August 10, 2017

Baby Jay

Jason's update.

My baby is growing up too fast. I just received an email that reminded me that he is 21 months! Wow. Time has gone so very fast, I cannot believe it. He will be TWO in 3 months? 

Jason's sense of humor is amazing. Actually, I might just be saying that because he thinks I am hilarious, and that has always been my dream haha. Seriously though, he is such a happy person.  His laughter just fills the house with joy. He wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy. Just has an overall wonderful perspective on life. The only time he is grumpy pants is when he is sleepy, and I can definitely relate to that! He’s also very polite. He says “ank you”, “Peesh”, and “nuni” (excuse me). Seriously how adorbs! We bought him clothes the other day, and it didn’t matter that it wasn't named brand, or slightly big on him, or exactly what he wanted... he was Just excited and said: “ank you”.  Ack! 

Jason’s personality is so interesting. As of now, I have noticed some interesting things about his character. For instance, during a recent beach day my husband, Benji and Cousin Echo decided that they were going to have a race. So they got into position, and wanting to be part of the grand event, so did Baby Jason. There was a countdown and they all took off, including baby. He was waaaaaaaaayyyy behind, but what I really liked is that he kept going.  I was power walking along his side and he was running out of breath, but he kept going until he finally reached them.  What I found amazing is that he didn’t get discouraged because he was way behind, he just kept going until he completed his purpose.  Even though the others didn’t consider him, he didn’t care. I was just thinking to myself what a beautiful attitude to have, and a lesson to learn. God's word is so right when he says we must be like a child. Praises. 

The point is that he has a big heart.  He says hi to everyone, and wants to share everything he has.  He does not hold grudges and is so loving and sweet. Not just that, but sometimes I will be holding him on my lap and he will look over at other children having fun, and his face will just light up.  Genuine happiness to see others having a good time. When I see his face, I just melt on the inside.

Oh, I love him.


Raquel Guerrero said...

What a sweet blog post to read! Jason is SO ADORABLE!! He is so smart y bien bandido! God blessed you with beautiful children!! I Cannot believe how time is flying either. He will be 2 soon! AHhhh! Love you guys! <3

Ruth Alvarez said...

He is the most precious! Super cute! I love him so much!

The riches in silk said...

I kinda cried a little while reading this. I love him so much as well as benji. My boys are the sweetest love them so much

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