June 16, 2015

There is hope for the future

Being a parent has presented itself to be quite the challenge. Even though you try and do everything right children have a mind of their own, as I am beginning to realize. I’m not exactly sure when my lovely sweet little boy turned into an over-exaggerating-tantrum-throwing-“I’m not your friend anymore”-rude-child-"I threw out everything you have taught me out the window-person-thing .  It may be a phase or the fact that he is three and a half, but I am not too fond of it, and I can only wonder how this child will as he gets older, and if we are actually being fit parents. 

Even though… there are many times when this child sheds some sort of light to our parenting skills.  For example when this above-mentioned-child who has said we are no longer friends walks up to me and says, proceeded with a hug and kiss, “I’m sorry mama, I will never do it again” and “Can we be best friends again?”  :) 

Or the times like the time when he pretends to take the baby out of my belly and takes the baby to the room to play together, and as we head to the laundry room he remembers he forgot the baby in the room, but he’s not worried because the baby is safely in his/her bed playing on the iPad, and we will be right back.

Or like when we were sitting in the balcony and he asks me where outer space is, and I say way past all those clouds and then he asks me if I could buy him a telescope so he can look into outer space.

When the nice man from my building got down from his car to open the door for us Benji was so surprised and said “THANK YOU! Wow mama, he so nice he opened the door for us.  He is a nice boy!”

When are about to eat he says “I will pray by myself… Thank you Jesus for the Food, Amen” or when he extend his arms out as far as he can and says “Jesus loves you this much”

When he forms the church band in our living room and says “Dad you be Isa (pianist), Mom you be Dada (guitarist), and I’ll be Danny (drummer), and proceeds to sing a church song”

When he talks to the people riding the elevator.  NO…actually he talks to everyone in general not just the elevator. He is quite friendly.

When without me having to asks he says "Here mom, have some, I want to share with you" and if I decline he says "I want to share with the baby" 

When he hugs Ruben and me and says we are his best friends and his favorites.
So, I guess this child has more good in him, then I acknowledge.  I guess we are good parents after all!

Ps. Do you see the bandage of his leg? That is a battle wound. 
Benji vs. the ground.

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Ruth Alvarez said...

This is a great post. Love him very much. He's gunna be a great kid - trust in the Lord my friend.

NC Sue said...

He's adorable!
Thanks for sharing this little guy at

Iris Segovia said...

Very Cute, they sure do grow up to fast. Loved the pictures.

Ray said...

The photos of Benji are so cute! What a handsome boy ❤️

likeschocolate said...

He is darling!

jandi said...

beautiful images! three was a very (VERY) difficult age for us... especially the latter half... we are on 4.5 now and it has gotten a lot better... so there is hope! he looks like a lovely boy! (im sure next year you will be more convinced of that!)

Kim Cunningham said...

These are adorable and he sounds like a regular 3 year old! Don't fret!

Sarah Segovia said...

awe love these!!!! (just catching uo on my blogging)

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