July 21, 2014

Summer Adventures: African Lion Safari

If you live in Canada then you would know that we had one of the most horrible winters.  Very low temperatures and very frequent snow falls. Gosh, we thought it was never going to end. So when this summer started everyone got extremely happy, and we, Ruben and I, decided to take advantage of all the snow-less days we get.   

We do have two jobs. One of our jobs is only from 5-8 in the early morning, and our second job is being pastors.  Some may think that is not work but let me tell you that it is.  We do have good days where we get the time to study, pray and also spend time together.  We do however have days where they are so busy.   Sometimes our phone rings off the hook for prayer requests or other concerns/needs of the church people, family and even other ministers.  Someday we are our on the road visiting  people, or running other church errands. Despite what people may think, being a pastor is actually hard work, and if you don't make time for family, you will never get any.   We decided that one day a week we will take off completely, and have family day. Family day is important to me for two reasons.  One being that we actually get time off together, and the second is that my child will understand that he is a priority in our lives, and not grow up resenting the ministry.  

So last week we headed to African Lion Safari.  It's literally 20 mins from my home. It's actually shameful that I have never been. It was very much worth it though. Ruben and I had just as much fun as Benjamin did.  It was pretty exciting to see all these exotic animals. The biggest plus on our side was, of course, seeing Benji's face light up when he saw the different animals he recognized. 
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Sarah Segovia said...

awesome pictures!!! lucky bums.
and you guys are awesome! I've told u before and I'll tell u again, I really admire you and Ruben, God bless u guys

Ruth Alvarez said...

I wish I could have seen his face! I can hear him in my head though!

CQ| said...

Thanks Sarah. So sweet!

CQ| said...

Yep! Just like that.

Ray said...

I want to go to afrian! nice pictures!

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