May 1, 2014

Taking Stock

I saw This post, and thought I would give it a try. 

Making : Calender for the church. 
Cooking : nothing yet, but I will be making breakfast in a bit. 
Drinking :  Coffee, it's my one true love.  
Looking : water dripping down the window. 
Wishing : A veggie panini from the princess cafe. 
Enjoying : the beautiful rain falling from the sky. 
Waiting : For everyone to wake up. 
Liking : Minimalism 
Wondering : If I could learn Portuguese. 
Loving : Flowy skirts
Hoping : My son will grow to love God, more than I. 
Needing :  A girls night out. 
Smelling : Cinnamon Apple. 
Wearing : My long grandma sweater. 
Following : in my role models footsteps
Noticing : my hair gets super frizzy when it rains. meh. 
Knowing : My husband has unscheduled plans. 
Thinking : How amazing it is that music that is dedicated to God, moves everyone. 
Feeling : rested 
listening: Face2Face, and remembering. 
Bookmarking : Another blog.. hehe. 
Opening : nothing.  Just leaving all things closed right now. 
Giggling : A Benjamin holding on to the side of the table, swinging and yelling "wheeee"
Feeling :  Happy. 

1 comment:

helen said...

super cute!!! especially your swinging benji part :)

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