March 15, 2014

My booster shot

Hello there,

I have a little testimony to tell.  I should actually have said this in church this weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances (no one ever knows when a child will get sick), I wasn't able to go.  Well when we moved to this area, I thought that it would be easy-peasy to find a job, considering my work experience from the states.

Well my job search began, and the Lord knows that I took job
searching super serious.  Had a couple of interviews, that in my mind I nailed, yet still nothing.  I even went to a couple of job agencies, and still nothing.  I got to the point where I was willing to work anywhere.  No one called me, nothing, absolutely nothing.

I finally got a call from a little part time job, which I thank the Lord for.  It's not my ideal job but it's been good to me this far.  Any day I request with time for church events, they give me off.  Which is great b/c church takes priority over this job.

this experience has really encouraged me to take to another step toward my future. I know that it is my fault for not having continued my education after high-school but  it's not to late to do so.  I applied to college about 3 months ago, and I hadn't heard back. I waited patiently but after a while i started to feel like maybe I wasn't good enough.  The devil tried to discouraged me with feelings of worthlessness.  I will be honest, I battled with this, and it wasn't until I completely confessed to God in prayer, exactly how I felt that I began to feel better.

About to two weeks ago, I got my acceptance letter. finally. I will be starting in September. Only God knows the amount of things that ran through my mind during the waiting process. I fell like I have just received a booster shot of patience and trust in God, from God himself.  He's pretty awesome.

Anyway, that's what I wanted to share. Now, I'm off to a conference to worship the Lord!


When I bored, I take selfies, and then I go through them and delete them all. 
I kept these and decided that I needed to do something with them. 

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