December 20, 2013

Almost Turning Two.

I cannot believe how fast this child is growing.  In a little less than a month this little man with be turning the BIG 2. That being said, you know those terrible twos they always talk about? Well it is REAL! terrible terrible terrible twos.  Despite his destructive ways, I still love my baby to death. 

Now If you call my house, It will most likely be answered by Benji. He will answer with a "Hola", and when you ask him how he is, he will say "mmm... bien".  He then will jibber jabber with you, mention mama, dada & coco (which apparently means cartoons).  You will hear how he loves "nanas" (bananas), and how his best friend is "ilah" (Tahilah).  Once you are done speaking with this little dude, he will say bye and hang up.  You may not get a chance to say goodbye yourself, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that he didn't just hang up on you. lol. 

 Benjamin is talking alot these days.  I don't understand everything he says but he's getting there.  His most surprising trait is that he is very good with electronics.  He knows how to use the ipad better than any adult you know.  Kids these days.  So Tech Savy.

The best thing about this little man of God, is that he is a man of Faith.  He prays, sings, and worships God.  When he sees me praying, he will come and pray beside me.  He even puts his little hand on my head, and says "CHECHU", which means Jesus said in spanish.  I'm telling you this child has a greater calling in his life.  The only thing as a mother that I can do is teach him to Love God, and pray that he will have a personal experience with him.   

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Kim Cunningham said...

Well, I understand these terrible twos, but they pass quickly. He really looks so sweet, and I love these images. Enjoy these days, Mama!

Hilda Cubias-amaya said...

Awee benji miss yu

...melody... said...

Beautiful shots! Oh the things to look forward too... :)

Ruth Alvarez said...

I guess I didn't see this post! WHAT!

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