November 8, 2016

To a cafe

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I had the privilege to teach a music/media conference.  I taught about media, and my husband taught about the expectations a pastor has for the music/media department. The other lessons were about worship and dealing with difficult people.  There was also different workshops set it in place for vocals and different instruments. It was wonderful, all the teachers did a great job!

Of course, for the day I had to find a babysitter for the boys and my sister was available.  So, away my boys went with tia Mary.  Since my chil'ren were taken care of, and because we had some extra time once the conference was done, we decided to go exploring. (It's become my favorite thing to do) We (My husband, me, my sister and her husband) went to a  café called Mulberry.  It's actually the second time I have been there but the first time for Ruben. The cafe was Ruben approved! We got some lunch and coffee.  We talked and laugh, and it was GREAT!!

It's the perfect cafe to go and relax. I love the modern rustic-ness of it with the exposed brick wall and the simple art on the walls.  Tres picturesque and my kind of cafe!  Oh yes, and the coffee is good too.  So next time you're in Hamilton, make sure you swing by the Mulbery Cafe. 

 Skirt: Winners   
Sweater: Artizia   
Jacket: Forever21   
Scarf Artizia
Shoes: Aldo   
Bag: Indigo 
 photo credit goes to my sister

I have a new appreciation for these kinds of moments. 
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