August 31, 2016


When you realize you don't know the surrounding areas that well and one day you decide your an explorer, you end up in stratford.

Stratford is half an hour drive from us. Its known for its modern and shakespearean plays and festivals AND also because the Beibs is from there. Startford is a cute little town with alot of character. The houses and the buildings are victorian looking, and absolutely gorgeous!  Its like a scene from a movie.

We had only ever been there because it was on our way to the beach and we were driving through, but never explored it. So we decided to do just that. 

We just went for the evening, after dinner. We arrived and parked on the main street and headed towards North shore Park.  We walked on a path that went around the little lake there.  On one side it led behind some gorgeous houses, and my mind is still daydreaming of them. 

After we walked around to the downtown area, or at least I think it was downtown.  It was late so the shops were closed but we did stop at little self-serve frozen Yogurt shop called Kiwi Craze. It was pretty good, at least the Caramel flavor I got and the Strawberry one Benji got.  Ruben was pretty unhappy with the vanilla one, but he had some of ours, and so did Jason AND with that, all was well in the world.

Since we were only there for the evening, and because kids like to go to sleep early, we didn't go to all the beautiful places. So, as I look online I think maybe next time we will go see some other nice touristy places in stratford and possibly a play.

So, on with the visuals...

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Ruth Alvarez said...

I been there for a play! The theatre is lovely. And the park near the theatre. I want to go again.

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