October 10, 2015

36 weeks

A little less than 4 weeks until we meet our little kicker. As any mother knows, the last 4 weeks of pregnancy are rough. I've said before this pregnancy has presented challenges my first one didn't, but let’s just talk about this week, shall we?

First of all, every time I am driving I get a contraction.  No I am not in labor, I just get contractions.  Maybe its Braxton Hicks, maybe it isn't, the point is they suck, they happen when I'm driving and it is super frustrating!

Secondly, my feet are swollen. Like super-duper swollen. They look like chubby baby feet but larger. It doesn't matter what I do they remain swollen and I have no shoes to wear. Yay... :/

Then we have some really nice fall weather happening, “so the news says”, but to me it’s Hot! I am hot pretty much all the time but I have to suck it up because I can't open all the windows, as I have a toddler running around who doesn't like wearing socks!

Basically I could go on and on about how I can't sleep, how I am uncomfortable and how a bunch of weird things are happening in my body.  I have gone this far in my pregnancy without complaining, but sometimes a girl just has to vent and receive some encouragement! (Feel free to leave some nice encouraging comments)

Finally last night I broke down.  Why? Because I am pregnant and I don't need a reason. So there I was feeling silly because I was crying for no reason, and I started to think about how nice and supportive my church fam has been to me (in honor of thanksgiving), and guess what! I started crying even more. Weak sauce, I tell ya! When I was childless I prided myself in not showing any kind of "weakness", but becoming a mother has made me a fountain of emotion. AND I can't seem to turn it off, especially now. (Sigh)

So what makes a sane person (like me?) go through this experience over and over again?  Well in about 3-ish weeks we will know because I will be holding the reason in my arms.


Sarah Segovia said...

awwwwwwwwww!!!!! you can do it!! then when you have the little kicker in your arms you qont even remember

Ruth Alvarez said...

Rub some dirt in it! (Amanda Bynes voice)

A little way to go. And than you get to hold little baby jay in your arms.



NC Sue said...

It won't be long now!
Best wishes for a carefree delivery of a healthy baby!

Thanks for linking up at

Pierced Wonderings said...

Awwwww. I'm sure it is terribly difficult right now. :-( you are right though - in just a few short weeks, it will all be worth it.

Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!

Molly said...

I hope the next few weeks zoom by and you get to meet your reward very soon


Kim Cunningham said...

So exciting! I love those last weeks when each day could be THE day!

Raquel Guerrero said...

Omg you and your belly.. Just too cute!

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