March 20, 2015

The day...

The day that Benji performed an "arm bar" on Ruben was a proud day... 
for Ruben at least. 
 The day that I went on a coffee date with my son. 
Don't worry he had hot chocolate. 
 ah. I just like it. 
 A wonderful day I spent with my little man. 
It was fun, and my heart is happy! 
The day I went on a lunch date with my buddy... 
and walked into an art store that displayed art made from RUBIX CUBES. 
so cool! 
 The day we had the last snowfall of the season....hopefully! 
The day I had a heart in my hot chocolate. 
 The day I had the best steak ever, during a lunch date with my hubby. 

Good days! 

Everyday to Us

1 comment:

Ruth Alvarez said...

I swear I posted a comment before.
Anyways - the first pic is super cute! Hehe roughhousing! I also like that you buy him something from Starbucks. And they write his name. Awe!

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