November 27, 2014

Mad About Plaid

Hey there,

So I'm really excited today because the blog Modestly Wed has featured Yenni and Salem's wedding. Of course, that means that my photographs were featured!  So head on over to her blog and check it out, and of course leave a comment, and tell them I sent ya :)

NOW what kind of blogger would I be If I didn't post a photo...and a story.

This morning as I was getting dressed, I looked at my closet and realized I had quite a bit of plaid. So I decided I wanted to wear all of it today. Yes ALL! Honestly I thought I looked pretty awesome, and decided I was going to take a picture for my instagram buddies. So I set my Ipad camera on the 10 sec timer, and thought to myself "this is going to be the best photo of myself ever!" (Let's be honest we all think that before taking a selfie)

As strange as this may sound, most photographers are kinda awkward when they get in front of the camera. Well at least I am.  So there I was posing awkwardly, and not knowing what to do.  So I had the grand idea of capturing myself in motion.  So I set the timer, and just started waving my hands and being all psycho.

Now one of Benjamin's favorite things to do is put the iPad camera on the timer and rush to the wall.  He just stands there doing nothing, and when it flashes, he laughs his head off!   When he saw me trying to "capture myself in motion" he thought it was hilarious, and wanted in on the fun.  So he runs over to me and says "Me, mama, my turn!" How shall I deny such a request from my child?

There it is, this morning we laughed our heads off by being weirdos! 

OH No, I didn't wear all my plaid this morning.  
I decided on something more "basic"

Good Day! 


Veronica Boudreaux said...

I love it!!! So free and your gorgeous!

jaz said...

Awwwh i love it!! Haha benji tan lindo

Sarah Segovia said...

lol awesome!
you guys are too cute aha

Ray said...

Oh so pretty!! LOVEE <3

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