August 26, 2014

In one minute.

Basically what happened today was that Benjamin discovered the one minute timer on my camera. Yep, he likes electronics. So naturally, He had loads of fun pushing the button and waiting for the "beeps" to go really fast, laughing his head off, and running back to press it again.  He took some good ones but quickly decided that he was not going to be patient and the rest were blurry, as you can imagine.

Benji so cute, guys. 
blogbenny and mom  

On another note, I"m working on a family shoot I had last week. :)

Wordless on Tuesday


NC Sue said...

That's a cutie-pie!
Please share at

Anonymous said...

Cutes thing ever!!!!!

Jessica Fiorillo said...

Super sweets shots! :)

Ray said...

love these photos! adorable!

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