July 8, 2014

This One.

This is the summer of trying new places like a new eatery named the same as it's address, 541. 
 With my friend from Washington DC of the same name, Cindy.  


This summer is that of trying new things in the ways of the apples.  
Candy apples, apple fritters, and Caramel apple lattes.


 This summer is exploring new places. 
New beaches, New/Old country roads, and small local towns. 


 This summer is of getting even closer to God, and honoring him in all that I do. 

This summer is going to be a good one.  It has been already.  
Now if I can only remember to bring my camera along.. lol. 


Ruth Alvarez said...

lovely. sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks awesome !

Stephanie said...

Love your blog!!!!!!!

Sarah Segovia said...

hadnt seen this either wowwwwww...
amazing...your summer is sounding awesome so far man..

CQ| said...

Thank you. Come again! :D

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