June 11, 2014

Ladies Retreat

I had the opportunity to go our annual ladies retreat this year.  I was very blessed by the experience.  God spoke to me in so many ways, I feel that my strength is renewed and I am ready to conquer! There was specific moment during worship, that the music stopped and all you could hear was the sound of a multitude of women simply worship God.  It was so beautiful I had to open my eyes, and as I looked around, and I said to God, "Wow God, this is what the day of Pentecost must have been like"  Every single lady was praising God.  God was definitely there. It was one of the best experience I have ever been apart of.  I will never forget it. 

With all the joy and happiness around me, I still feel like I cried ALOT during this event for many reasons. 
1.  I feel like God was speaking to me in all the services, and I always cry when that happens to me. God encouraged me in such a great way.  He's so awesome! 
2.  I cry in the presence of God. Mainly because I am so grateful to Him, for being so good to me, and allowing me to feel his presence...because in all honesty I don't deserve it.
3.  They made me say some nice words to the ladies in my church, and when I express things that come from my heart, I cry.  So I cried, and made some other people cry.  To top it off one of the ladies from our church asked for a spot, and then nice things were said about me, and I cried more.  lol.

With that being said, I would like to say that God has changed me so much.  I use to be so blah.  No emotion, very heartless, no one had ever seen me cry, and so full of pride... but ya know, that's not the case anymore.  I am  changed by the grace of God and filled with love from above.  Now I have emotion, and I can't stop it. lol

The camp was great. I finally was able to hang out with my friends, chat, laugh, stay up all night and be myself with them. We went horse back riding too.  Something that was on my bucket list, and that now is crossed off.  I thank the ladies who organized the event, and I will definitely go next year! 

 Thanks to my buddy gal pal Sarah for the pictures of me.  I actually have memories with me in them now. yay! 


 waiting and very nervous.

 Riding on Eva.  She was very complicated, and made me scared. lol.
My hair.  I think Sarah was slightly obsessed b/c she took a bunch of pictures of my hair. lol
 These girls <3   (above & below)

 The ladies that went from my church. 
Mrs. Sarah.  :) 


Sarah Segovia said...

it was an awesome time! and dude, in my defence, your hair is awesome lol.

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