May 27, 2014

Time Off

Today, I took some time off and dedicated it just to my son.  We jumped on the bed, We raced around the living room, we wrestled, and laughed.  We made funny faces,over exaggerated our emotions, sang and danced.  We had fun, and I was happy that he was so happy.  We had such a good time together, and I even managed to get a bit of cuddling time.  Just a little, right before we joined forces in tackling "dada" to the floor. hehe.

In my attempt to capture a mother and son photo, I captured a few random, not-at-all-centered, blurry photos that I simply LOVE!  (more to come)
blogcutey pie
blog True Laughterblog Mother and son blog squishy nose blog palying

blogfalling down
My son is growing so fast.  He just amazes me in all he does.  I posted this on Facebook the other day:

Me: Benji, what's your favorite color? 
Benji: Ellow
Me: *gasp* Mine too. OH NO!
Benji: OH NO, wha we gon' do? 

Then he runs to the room too pretend cry. So dramatic... lol

Everyday, he surprises us with something new.  He's talking to so much, and growing up to fast.  Oh how I love him. Indeed the twos are terrible, they are also hilarious!


Sarah Segovia said...

these fotos are so beautiful!!!
and yes the twos are terrible and hilarious

Anonymous said...

Precious series of photos!

Jazmin said...

Awh so beautiful, I love you both very much ❤️

Stephany said...

Super cute. Two is a fun age with lots of ups and downs.

helen said...

BEAUTIFUL photos. love the joy captured in each of them! i'm simultaneously looking forward to and fearing the twos!

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