April 3, 2014

I have to admit, He may know something.

Would I ever take fashion advice from my husband?  no.  pft* what does he know.

Then the day came where I put something on, thinking that I was wearing something totally awesome, and he "kindly" (not so kindly)  suggested I not wear it like that... and after much hesitation, I obey.  So, all is well, until we leave.  I then start to doubt my decision, but it's too late, and no turning back. Oh well, I can blame him. It so happens I get many compliments that day. hmm.  Strange how that worked out, eh?

I guess he may know a little.

 Top: Zara (sisters), Skirt: Target, Shoes: Just fab, Handbag: Aldo (gift) 

*Photos taken with mobile device


Sarah Segovia said...

lol and those shoes are fab!!! and the skirt..and the shirt....ok everything. geez

helen said...

you look amazing!!!! love the shoes :)funny how our husbands know us better than we think they do :)

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