January 1, 2014

From 13 to 14

I shall start off saying that I did really bad in my 2013 resolutions... 
but I did accomplish some of them.  

1. I accomplished my spiritual goals, I just never got highlighters. lol. The Ladies department has grown quite a bit since last year.  Praise God.  I also accomplished some unwritten goals.  I preached in church 3 times, and I am teaching a home bible study every weds.  To God be the Glory. 

2. Photography Goals. I did not accomplish this one.  BUT I did make some $ this year in photography.. and that, my friend, was amazing! woot!

3. Fashion. The only one I accomplished was building up my shoe collections, and that's partly because I got a bunch of shoes for my bday and xmas.  hehe. 

4.  Blog.  Massive fail. shame on me.

5. Personal Goal.  Accomplished.. yay!

That is my resolution update.  NOW.. this year I resolute to..

1. Spiritual.  To get even more closer to God, and Love him even more.  If we would just fall in love with God, obeying him would be our priority!

2. Photography.  This year I want to have some session and donate the money to our church fund.  Right now we rent at another place, and we are trying to get our own place. yay! 

3. Fashion.  Same.  LEATHER JACKET, and a suit! geez! lol

4. Blog.  Keep up with my blog. A new post every week.  

5. Personal.  Potty train Benji, save some $. Be positive! 

That's all!  Now, I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  
I found myself being a little emotional about 2013 ending.  So many great things happened, and God blessed us so much. 2013 was great but I am really excited to see what God has in store for us this year. I wish that everyone accomplishes their goals, and that 2014 be a year that we will remember always.  

God Bless! 
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Diana said...

Is pretty awesome that you accomplished your spiritual goals. I did really bad with mine. Best wishes and Happy New year!

helen said...

yay!!! loving your 2014 resolutions. cheers to a new year :)

p.s. also excited to follow you as you potty train benji. Lord knows i have a lot to learn in the upcoming years with our little miss in that area!

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