January 17, 2014

At exactly at 4:16 am, exactly two years ago.

As it hit 12am and we started this day, even though I should have been sleeping, I felt the need to read this post, The Birth Story of Benjamin Silas. Now there are events that happen in your life, that impact you so greatly, that you can remember them in such detail it is as if you were living in that very moment.  There are few days I remember like this, the day I was baptized, The day I received the Holy Ghost, the day I got married, and especially the day Benjamin was born, which is today.  I  remember all the events that occurred this day. I remember exactly what the hospital looked like, the doctor, and the nurse.  I remember what Ruben was wearing, and the ugly hospital gown I had on. All of it, as if I am watching myself in the very moment. As I sit here and reminisce, I can't help but think of all the emotions I felt, this very morning, two years ago. 

When Benjamin was born I fell in love with him.  He was so small and fragile in my arms.  He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. He was asleep all the time, and those tiny little moments he was awake, we would stop doing whatever we were doing, and gave him our undivided attention.  So much Joy this little guy has brought into our home.  
One Minute awake. 
As Ruben, and I have been watching him grow and learn, we often find ourselves just watching him and say  "wow I can't believe how much Benji has grown".  It's a bittersweet thing to go through, as parents.  For them to helplessly need you in every moment of their life, and for them to start growing into independence. It's part of life, and that is what we teach our children, as well as to Love and Honor God.  Oh, and this little guy knows to worship God!  

Benjamin is the most beautiful and amazing gift that God gave to Us. We love him, protect, and care for him with all of our being.  I can't believe that today he is TWO. 

My baby boy, I love you this 
< ----------------------------------------------------------  (oh, there is no end to the arrow) 

Thank You God for Benjamin!  
You are the Greatest Ever!  


Sarah Segovia said...

aww what a cutie patootie!!!
Happy Birthday Benji!!

Jessica Murrie said...

He is absolutely adorable!! Great story, I'm pregnant with my first, a boy, and so excited to be able to experience him.
xo jess

molly said...

Oh my he is absolutely adorable


RaD said...

Beautiful! What a special post, thank you for sharing it.

We do something similar for our kids each year. It's absolutely amazing how much they grow, change and mature in just one year even now (my kids are 10 and 11).

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