December 23, 2013

Y+S Wedding

So I realized that I never posted photos of Yenni and Salem's Wedding.  
I just teased you for one photograph. oops! 
Yenni is a really good friend of mine.  
She is so craft talented, I dk how or where she comes up with so much inspiration.   
(You can find her work Here and Here,  
She made THIS wipes box for Benji.  I love it.  Still carry it.)  
Anyways, she one of my faithful customers!  
Thanks for believing in my Yen!
Here's some of her photos. 

Broach Bouquet Yenni made.  It's beautiful. 
Pink Shoes, in representation on her grandmother who passed away of breast cancer. 

She wanted this for Engagement shoot, but we were not able to get it.  
Luckily for her wedding we did! yay! 
Love this.  So cute. 
One of my ALL TIME FAVES! ^
Grand Entrance in the wagon. 
Her Daughter.  
She was one of my first professional session.  See it Here.  
I was barely starting out when I had a session with her. 
 I'm glad she has been patient and believed in the talent God has given me. 
When ever I go back a year or two; I can see how much my photography has evolved. 
It's pretty amazing how much I've learned, and I keep learning more everyday. 
Time is the best teacher. 


Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Wow these are GORGEOUS!!! Love the wedding colors and the creative photography!

I wanted to let you know I added a link to your blog on the Apostolic Pentecostal Bloggers list. You can see it here:

Yenni said...

Wow! such sweet words thanks for thinking im talented <3. Dont doubt your self you are an amazing photographer is not just me believing in you is everyone around you eh! you should be working on opening your own business with this, remember you need models here you have Tahilah and my kids to come hehehehehe lol. God bless Cindy and keep on doing your thing, your great at it both photography and being our 1st lady :D

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