November 15, 2013

Ms. Danica II

Hello there.  
Just want to update you.  I turned another year older on Tuesday.  Yay to me.  My Sister came over for the weekend and the church made me a little party.  It was a rather emotional event... but that's not what this post is about.  I have planned to post about it next week.  It's still my birthday week...until Monday, and only because my sisters Birthday is Monday. If not, It would be a birthday month. ahaha.  

Anyway here are some other photos of Danica.  
Long over due, I apologize. I hope they were worth the wait though. 

Ouuu.. here's a teaser on what I'm working on now.  
We've been celebrating so many weddings and parties at church. 
I'm a little overwhelmed right now but working away. :D 

Doesn't this photo fill your hear with Happines and Joy? 


helen said...

such beautiful pictures, cindy, as always! so happy to be catching up on your sweet blog :)

CQ| said...

Thanks Helen, I love reading your comments :D

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