October 3, 2013

What I love about Fall.

These Photos were taken from my Samsung Note and filtered with the EyeEm App, and if you follow me on Instagram chances are you have most likely seen these already.  
(follow me @EverydayToUs  on both)

1. The obv beautiful colors the leaves turn.  
God is so creative. Don't ya think? 

 2. three letters:  PSL.. 
Thanks Starbucks for making me gain more weight. 
 2. End of Season Sales.  
Got these ones for $10. Woot. 

4. Sweater Weather!!
'nuff said.
 5. Cuddling with this guy... 
oh wait, that's all year round. 

 6. Fall Shoes. 
All the cute shoes that come out during fall.  (including Benjis)

 7. uh... 
Technically not about fall but I've been wearing this skirt to death, 
thanks to my cousin Ray. lol. 

All the fall scents, 
The cool weather
Pumpkin pie
(yes I think they are beautiful.. lol)..
 etc etc. 
What is/are your favorite thing about Fall? 

1 comment:

Sarah Segovia said...

gahhh love the shoes and sweaters!!!

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