September 24, 2013


Hey. I know im behind in posting but I promise to get the ball rolling again. 
I quickly wanted to stop buy and inform you of some recent celebrations. Well two.
 Two anniversaries this month.

#1 I am now a level 2 blogger... 2 years that is. 
Wow. I cant believe its been TWO years. I've made so many changes to this blog. Lol. I like change.. so I would promise to keep it this way but I can't do that. I will promise, however,  to not change the URL. So it will always be here to read and catch up. Yay!!

#2. Ruben and I turned THREE. YAY to Us!! 
Time just flew by. I was just thinking about it, and it seems like we were just planning our wedding and walking down the isle. My father always said that if you pass the three year trail, then you will be married forever.  I believe he is right in the sense that in the first few years you are figuring each other, and how to live together.  Its a beautiful thing to see love flourish, and grow so much that living without each other would be just devastating. I feel blessed and I thank God everyday for blessing me with a wonderful husband. That and for my Benji. They are my loves. <3

Ps. I do realize that I never actually shared my wedding photos on the blog... I might do that soon. lol. 


Sarah Segovia said...

wooot!!!! happy anniversaries!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful blog

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