August 20, 2013

Quick Hello.

So I have not forgotten about posting.  I have been meaning too, I just have been so busy lately.  
I haven't even been on the computer until today.  Working on some things for church mainly.   
It's all good, and for the Glory of God.  I do have quite a bit of photos to upload.  
I will upload those when I get back into the rhythm of things.  Hopefully.  

That being said, I made a website yay!   
The link is above, on the tab that says website.  hehe.  It's a work in progress.  
I haven't purchased a domain name yet, so what I have now will have to do.  
For now anyway.  

In other news, 
Benji is 19 months, and I think the terrible 2s have started early.  
It's quite interesting to see his personality evolving. Oh to be a mother!

Below is a photo of a dog named Coco.  
He belongs to a new family in church.  
We are extremely blessed to have them! 

That's all for now.  Ta ta! 

1 comment:

Sarah Segovia said...

dude!!! post more!! ive missed you!!!

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