July 10, 2013

Strawberry Picking

I must admit we moved to a pretty sweet area. I feel like there is so much to do here, or maybe it is because I have friends just a 10 min walk away. either way, we live like right in the middle of Uptown and the farms.  I love it!

My friend, Steph, invited us to go strawberry picking with her.  I had never done this, and I figured Benji would enjoy it, which he did.  The lady at the strawberry farm informed us that alot of the strawberries had been damaged from all the rain. It has been raining alot, and some parts of Ontario even had flooding. We didn't get flooded, thank God, just alot of rain.   So, they gave us about four rows for us to go hunting for good strawberries.  She was right, ALOT of them were damaged. but we did manage to find a few good ones.  We couldn't find any big strawberries just little ones.  I'm not sure if it was because of the rain, but man were they juicy!  

Benjamin got a hold of the strawberry-picking concept, fairly quick.  He was picking them and putting them in the bucket all by himself. At first he didn't want to eat any of them. (You get to eat as much as you want for free) Once he got comfortable in biting one and all the juices began to flow, he was hooked!! He ate a bunch of them, and so did I. hehe.   We ended up paying about $4 for the bucket of strawberries. (pictured below)  I would say that's an excellent deal! 

Overall it was fun, and a great adventure for Mr. Benny! 

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Larissa T. said...

LOVE IT! So pretty and peaceful! Strawberry picking is lots of fun and very messy from what I remember :P

P.S. Would you like to link up?

Winnie said...

I love strawberry picking, and must admit I pick a lot of them to freeze, so that way I can make LOTS of icecream. That is an adorable picture of your little one.

Kathy said...

What fun!! I have never went strawberry picking but have went blueberry picking. Growing up my mom had a big strawberry patch out back and I loved to run over to the patch while playing and pick a snack. Seems you got a great price too!


Kim said...

We do this every year, and it is so much fun. We grow our own blackberries and blueberries, so we get to backyard pick too. Love your little guy with his strawberries!

Molly said...

I have never been strawberry picking but I would love to go


Audrey said...

I didn't get out for strawberry or blueberry picking this year. But it is definately on my list for next year.

Beautiful photos.

...melody... said...

These are great! What a fun day and what yummy looking strawberries! :)

Ray said...

Benji is adorable! awesome pics!

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