July 2, 2013

How a fishing trip turned into Ben's beach day.

Hey. First, before I start my story, I just want to say that I had the most hectic weekend, which turned out to be such an amazing blessing! We moved. Didn't even unpack and headed to our church convention. The move has exhausting. Maybe we were crazy to head to the convention so tired...but it was so worth it.  It was.. well there are no words to explain the blessing that God poured upon us. Amazing amazing!!

Now my story.
My husband, as of recently,  has taken fishing as his new hobby.  One day we decided to take an evening off and go fishing. So we packed up and headed out to the lake.  We chose our spot, which happened to have a tiny beach area. While my husband was fishing, I was just watching and playing with benji. At first, Benjamin was just sitting and playing with the rocks,  but shortly after he decided he was going to throw them into the water. Of course the water splashed on him. I assume It must've felt refreshing because he walked over to the edge and slowly put his feet into the water. Once his feet got used to the water he started kicking, jumping, and screaming in pure joy, as one who is excited does. Well, during one of his exciting jumps and kicks, he fell on his bottom. He gasped a little because the water felt cold.  That only stopped him for 2 seconds though. He started splashing, and splashing until he was completely wet. Haha Not only did he soak himself, but he also got me wet. It was quite the scenario.

At first I was hesitant to let him play in the water but I was reminded that he is a child. Part of being a child is exploring and getting messy.  Sometimes we just need to let our kids, be kids. 
The best thing, as a mother,  was just seeing him be happy. It was true happiness, and it made me happy too!!


Sarah Segovia said...

sooo cute!! I cant wait to take Emma to the beach. awe
love the photos yoo

Ruth Alvarez said...

These are so good! Omy! I'm so sad I missed this day!

Larissa T. said...

Adorbs! So so cute. Loving the new (hadn't seen it yet..) look on the blog. :)

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