April 17, 2013

Spring Benny.

Hey There,

We've been quite busy these days.  It just doesn't stop, I tell you.  
This week my husband got all his four wisdom teeth pulled out.  He's recovering well, poor guy.
 On a better, happier, wonderful and more amazing note we have been having excellent weather.  It finally feels like spring.  FINALLY! It makes me happy beyond words. Someone else share's this happiness with me.  Can you guess who?  photo _DSC0104_zpsa05e8750.jpg photo _DSC0103_zpsc2bdbfd0.jpg photo 02afc4a2-496e-42c5-937d-5fe9ade9a8f1_zpsa56454dd.jpg photo _DSC0093_zpsafda668d.jpg photo _DSC0108_zpscb5c430a.jpg photo _DSC0109_zps1e0148cc.jpg photo _DSC0098_zps2c2e2009.jpg


Sarah Segovia said...

haha what a cutie!!!
love the pictures, cant wait for another warm day to go out too.

helen said...

hooray springtime weather! such beautiful pictures. love your little man's hat - too cute!

Anonymous said...

the cutest baby ever!

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