March 26, 2013

Leopard Skirt

Hello there,
I got an outfit post today.. yay!  I also have a little Testimony that I will share sometime this week, I hope.

Last weekend I gave up my iPhone. Considering the fact that I have been a faithful iPhone user since when they first came out, the change was quite refreshing.  I now have the Samsung Note II, it's amazing.  My favorite thing about it is the pen, it's awesome for sketching.  When I was younger I used to sketch, and "design my own clothes".   Anyways.. I started randomly sketching again while trying out the sketch app  and the pen. So.. now during down time.. (like a long car ride.. or when I can't sleep) I've been sketching outfits for blog posts. I have a few already. yay!  Maybe someday I can get a personal design made.. eh? (any info on that will be helpful) So I guess from now on you will start seeing sketches. yay!  Here's the first one..
.. and here's me with it on.  
 photo 2b21e756-d7f9-49c4-97cb-e44e7dbcdd5b_zps5d388766.jpg
Blazer: RW & Co.           Top & Skirt: Joe Fresh              Shoes: Forever21

I was just walking by a rack in Joe Fresh minding my own business,  and this little skirt was just sticking out from all the other items in the rack. It was calling my name, and It caught my attention.  I walked over to look and It was the only one there and conveniently my size. The best thing, apart from the pockets , was the price! A merely $6.  joy.

 photo outfit2-1_zps903bb615.jpg
If you see the eyes on the cute little boy up there you can see that he is recovering from pink eye.  
He's much better now.

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Sarah Segovia said...

love the skirt, love the sketch!
p.s. im back!!!

Karren Haller said...

You created a great look!! Heres an invitation to add your blog toJapanese Gardens & Geisha Girls WW w/Linky

Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style said...

Bargain and you look stunning! I love the tones of brown in the outfit and am amazed at your sketching talent. I think my 5 yr old draws better than I do :)

Thanks for sharing with WW!

Abby said...

how fun! you sketch really well - can't wait to see more!

Dressing Up For Me said...

What a lovely skirt! :)

Bobbie said...

$6!! What a great deal for such a beautiful skirt (and sketch!!)

Agnes Mayer said...

Love the skirt. Gorgeous. Visiting from the blog link up. I"m hosting one tomorrow. Would love it if you joined me.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Best $6 skirt ever!

CQ| said...

Thanks Ladies. :) too kind!

I shall post one every week. hopefully :D

Anonymous said...

Cute. Love the whole outfit

Ashley said...

Wow! That's pretty neat that you can sketch that on your phone.

Harley said...

so cute! can't believe it was only 6 bucks. i really wish there was a joe fresh near me!

Harley & Jane

Anonymous said...

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