March 25, 2013

Ladies Breakfast & Tiny Details

This Saturday we had another ladies breakfast.  Our 2nd one this year.  These home meetings have been really wonderful and a huge blessing. This time the lesson was about love.  To learn to love our brothers and sister, Our families, the souls, and even our enemies.  It was a great lesson. It so amazing to me that there is absolutely nothing that can really compare to the love of God for us.  Can you believe going through such a great sacrifice, as He did, for someone who isn't born yet, or for a nation who is so ungrateful?  I'm just so grateful to HIM.. just completely grateful, and it is why I choose JESUS over all things. Like THIS song says.. amen.

Back to the ladies breakfast. It was very good and there was yummy food.  This month we had it at Stephanie's house, and she has a lot of little small details in her home that I found amusing. So... enjoy!
 photo stephanies_zps41b259cf.jpg
This is Stephanie, and her niece. 
 photo elefante_zpsdd4891b0.jpg photo cup_zps4c1c15f3.jpg photo ball_zpsbbfdc351.jpg photo couple_zpsc280c3e1.jpg photo littleone_zps8b2bf1e7.jpg photo branch_zps921b8711.jpg photo leaves_zpsea0dfa51.jpg photo scarf_zps3d00eb68.jpg
 photo shayla_zps5fd12ddd.jpg

This Sweet little angel is Shayla, Stephanies youngest daughter.  She was born the same day as Benji :) 

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stephanievarno said...

These photos are wonderful! I love all the tiny details!

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