February 15, 2013

Our Days Lately..

Have been looking alot like this..
 photo snowfall_zpsca5ac536.jpg
but instead of  getting frustrated or complaining..
 photo snowday_zps5b42daf4.jpg
We take a moment to marvel at the beautiful tiny white flakes that fall from the wonderful sky, 
 photo closeup2_zps6aeb2219.jpg
and enjoy it!

 photo snowday_zps97db477f.jpg

 photo snowfall5_zpsc8c6f99c.jpg
After all, it wouldn't be Canada if it didn't snow! 
 photo snowtracks_zps07be8984.jpg
(Taken by Ruth)

 photo closeup_zps8cb018d0.jpg

Favorite Foto Friday , Friday Photo Journal


Sarah Segovia said...

these are so cool!!! love the tire tracks! and ruths pics are so cute!!

i am pam said...

So much snow. I agree the tire tracks image catches your eye. Great photos!

DC in STYLE said...

Ohhhh I miss snow a lot!!!!! We had only one day of snow in DC:(( These winter photos are great

Cherry A. said...

It must be really cold. I can feel it just by looking at the pictures.

Found u via FPJ.

Ray said...

I love these pics of Ruth! Good Job Cinders! Can you do a photo shoot of me or with me? Sheesh! Lol

Ruth Alvarez said...

woohoo! I've been waiting forever!
yay to us!
lets do it again!

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