February 19, 2013


Last week we had prayer week. You have no idea what a blessing it has been in my life, and in the church.  We had such an amazing weekend.  The services were so wonderful, and God's presence was overflowing.  It felt as if God himself was just embracing us with his Love.  
God is so wonderful, and amazing! 
I thank God for all the blessings!
 photo _DSC0050-2_zps266d8b5d.jpg

Ps. I don't have an outift post for this week. sorry.


Natalie Reyes said...

Lovely to hear about God's blessing outpouring over His church. Prayer is power. :) Cute picture of Benji, looks like he's playing PEEKABOO. :)

Ray said...

God is doing GREAT things in our cities! Praise the Lord! benjamin is such a handsome boy! What a cutie pie!!

Sarah Segovia said...

thats awesome! makes me happy to hear about Gods blessings, so encouraging!
Love Benjis picture!! so cute

helen said...

i loved reading this. God is so good, indeed :)

Ruth Alvarez said...

hehe. it looks like he just peeked into the photo. hehe. cutie pie.

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