February 4, 2013

So Sweet.

 photo _DSC0454copy_zpsa6bb1d05.jpg  photo Untitled-1-1_zps75ae0596.jpg  photo _DSC0456copy_zpse43df093.jpg
| photo _DSC0458copy_zpsc5b76a07.jpg photo _DSC0463copy_zpseac811ce.jpg

Here's a little story for you.  
For my husband's birthday, all of us in church pitched in to give him a visa gift card.  So a few days later I get a message from my friend, Sarah, asking what kind of lens I got. I was like huh?  Turns out Ruben has posted this on his facebook status.. 
I had no idea and I was pretty speechless.  
Turns out that he used his birthday gift card to buy me lens. 
awe. Thanks babe. ;)


helen said...

omgoodness your husband is the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!! love it. can't wait to see your new lens in action :)

Sarah Segovia said...

lucky butt!!!
love the pics yo!!

Ray said...

Lol what a sweet pea. Lol
Love the pics!!

Natalie Reyes said...

Benji's faces are so sweet too! lol...Enjoy the new lenses, that's pretty awesome. :)

Julie G Photography said...

Such sweet big beautiful eyes!!

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